What exactly is Electricity?

How Electricity Costs Are Calculated

Electricity is a necessary part of our daily life, however, the high cost of it can make it unaffordable for many people. This is why a lot of people choose to take on an alternative form of energy like solar and wind power. Solar power is becoming a popular choice among those who wish to conserve the environment and protect the future of mankind. Many homeowners and businesses are going solar to cut down on their electricity bills.


Electricity is produced by a combination of heat and light.

This type of energy is known as electromagnetic radiation. The amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted from objects depends on their weight, size, composition, and even their position in space. The average electromagnetic radiation emitted by objects weighing less than 1 pound is x-rays and gamma rays.


When an object emits this radiation

its shape becomes recognizable as an ion or electron. The quantity and quality of the radiation will depend on the properties of the atom or molecule that produces it. The atom or molecule may have one proton, one electron, or perhaps no electron at all. These differences affect the amount of energy that the atom or molecule possesses and the amount the electromagnetic waves that it can emit. This is how we obtain electricity.


How Does It Cost Me Money?

The amount of electricity used by our homes on an annual basis can vary widely depending on usage. Simple use of a light bulb will not use very much electricity while the same use of lights can create a huge bill. Light bulbs, when used in a home, use about four-thousandths of one watt per hour. To give you a picture of how much of your electric bill goes to lighting up your house, divide this number by the number of hours in a day.


The Average Electric Bill If you take the number of hours in a day

and divide it by the total number of hours in a month, you will get a rough estimate of your average electric bill. A good way to keep track of your monthly usage is to get a bill from your electric company once a year. This will allow you to monitor what portion of your bill is for your consumption and how much is your utility company spending on transmission and distribution services for your electricity. You can also request an energy audit from your company if they feel that you are wasting energy due to excessive usage.


How To Cut Your Electricity Usage Electricity costs

can be cut drastically just by changing some of your habits. There are things you can do every day to help lower your consumption. Walking more is a great exercise for both your mind and your body. This lowers the need for energy during the day. If you are someone who gets a lot of emails then getting rid of this habit would help immensely as well.

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