Types of energy monitors

Energy Monitors For Your Home

Energy monitors measure the energy used in your building or home and let you monitor the energy consumption of different appliances. A variety of energy monitors are out there and all of them operate differently. Two popular types are individual-station monitors:


This type of energy monitor works on a simple principle.

You put your hand on the meter and a small magnet attracts the meter’s surface. The current coming from the magnetic field then shows up as an electrical signal that can be read by a meter’s probe. This kind of meter has a tiny piece of metal called a probe that has a loop that connects to the magnetic field. When you place your hand on the meter, the tiny loop discharges an electrical current that registers the amount of energy used in energy production.


One of the most popular forms of energy monitors

is built into a smartphone. These energy-conscious apps provide real-time information about consumption. Some of these apps have dozens of metrics, but many of them just show consumption. An example of a smartphone energy-monitoring app includes F-mount, which allows you to measure energy consumption while you’re away from your smartphone. Other examples include GreenBar and MyWireless, which give you more information about consumption than just energy consumption.


Another energy monitor options are solar panels.

There are many types of solar panels available, and each one consumes a different amount of energy. If you want to reduce your energy consumption, you can either buy solar panels or connect multiple devices to your solar panels to power your various appliances. There are also smart energy-saving devices like appliances that turn off when the plugged-in lights are not in use; you only have to leave the appliance so many times a day. Other devices like heaters that only run when they’re used, and clocks that only stop when they’re asleep.


An energy monitor, however

doesn’t only tell you about your electricity consumption. You can also lookup your estimated energy savings. Energy-efficient appliances and other upgrades to your home can make up for your increased electricity usage. This way, you can be sure that your home energy bills are being reduced and that you’re getting the most out of your money. This in turn means a larger mortgage loan, more savings on taxes, and a more comfortable and rewarding lifestyle.


Energy monitors allow you to keep track of what you’re spending

and how much you’re saving. They help you compare your house’s energy efficiency with the standards set by your community. When you know where you stand compared to the national average, you can work towards improving your house. Energy-conscious appliances, smarter flooring materials, and other upgrades can all pay off. That means you will pay less for your monthly electricity consumption and will have more disposable income at the end of the month.

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