Rock Tumbling Tumblers – More Than Just Tumblers

A promotional tumbler is an elegant flat-bottomed drink holder made from either glass or plastic. It’s designed to be used and re-used time and again, making it an excellent corporate gift for your company or business. They are also perfect for trade shows, seminars, sales meetings, fundraisers, and many other types of special events and celebrations. And for businesses, these gifts make great thank you gifts for valued clients, business partners and employees.



If you’re looking for a great gift for that special someone, consider rock tumblers. Popular because they have a classic look, along with their durable construction, rock tumblers are a great item to give away. If you want your giveaway to have an educational or inspirational message, consider gifting the recipient with one of the many fun and interesting hobbyist tumblers. There are several different styles to choose from, including: sports, cowboy, western and country. There are even personalized versions available, if you can find one with an artist’s rendering or other creative design.


Hobbyist tumblers come in several different sizes and shapes. The materials vary, but most are made from sturdy rubber, wood or durable acrylic materials. Because they can handle rough use, rock tumblers often come with a hard case to keep them safe and dry during transportation. And since they are round, you can rest assured that each individual stone will not be placed exactly on the surface of whatever you are offering your gift of rocks for.

For those who appreciate and enjoy collecting rocks and minerals, you might want to consider giving your recipient one or more of the new tumblers with grit built in. Grit tumblers are designed to hold small specimens and other rough stones. You’ll find that some brands include additional grit built in, while others leave it up to you to select the extra grit yourself. This is especially nice because you won’t have to worry about whether or not the rocks and minerals are suitable for a certain climate or location.


Tumble down the aisle in your wedding dress and add some character to the occasion by purchasing one or more of the beautiful rock tumblers made specifically for this purpose. These tumblers are very attractive and can serve as a lovely display at the reception. For instance, many of them include cutouts of the bride and groom, which make them excellent souvenirs. For the wedding, give your guests something they will hold onto forever as a memento of this special occasion. As you can see, there are many ways that these products can add personality to your special day.

So this weekend, when you reach for that old tumbler that has been in your closet gathering dust, think about a new way to use it. Instead of tossing it in the trash, give it one last look through the window as you enjoy breakfast on the porch of your house. You might even want to think about starting your own rock tumbling tumbler collection!

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