music marketing and promotion Tactics

Five Marketing And Promotion Tactics For Musicians

Perhaps the biggest music marketing and promotion blunder you could make in this industry are simply not have a marketing strategy. Of course, it’s understandable if you don t exactly know what a marketing strategy is. Most music marketers are naturally creative people, which is exactly why they can let things slide on the business end. In reality, marketing and promotion are probably the most important part of the music business as it helps to sell albums and singles. Here are some reasons why you must have a marketing strategy.


First, you need a music marketing plan

if you want your brand to get signed by a major label. Without a marketing plan, bands and artists will often take their chances with traditional marketing tactics that may not work. When you create a music marketing plan, you brainstorm everything from where you should promote your upcoming shows to how you should promote your website and other online sites. A well-thought-out music marketing plan can lead to major label deals.


Second, you have to have some marketing tactics

so that you can build up your fan base. This means including sampling strategy, touring strategy, merchandising strategy, and publicity strategy in your music marketing and promotion plan. Sampling is one of the best and cheapest promotion tactics you can use. You will be able to gauge your fan base before signing big contracts with labels.


Third, you have to have your own SoundCloud account

to help promote your music. SoundCloud is one of the hottest social media marketing strategies today. If you haven’t checked it out yet, try it out! With an account, you can put up demo files and songs that will show your fans how you sound and develop your styles. Also, you can give out press releases and music videos to help you promote your career.


Fourth, you must have your own website

to market your music online and offline. YouTube is great for video promotion but you need a website to showcase your music and all your promotion tactics. The more people who know about your music, the better! So, get your name and your band’s name known. Set up your website as a personal page where fans can find more information. On your profile page, you can also put out links to your social media profiles such as Facebook and MySpace.


Fifth, you need to do some product releases

a CD release, and other marketing strategies for promoting your music. Your first product release should be an EP or a mosh. If your fans love it, they’ll tell everyone. If they like your mosh, they’ll buy the rest of your products. This is a highly effective and powerful marketing strategy that will bring more fans to your brand and products.

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