ICW body armor benefits

The Advantages of Level 4 ICW Body Armor

ICW Body Armor has been a popular choice of personal injury protection for many years. For several different law enforcement and security companies, they have developed an incredibly well made product that is recognized internationally as one of the most durable and effective soft armor available in the market today. So, why is it that so many individuals still have questions about this product?


To begin, there are several

common misconceptions about what Level 4 ICW body armor actually is. Some individuals believe that the term refers only to the fact that the material is more pliable and less dense than traditional hard armor. While the former statement is partially true, the truth of the matter is that Level 4 ICW body armor is comprised of numerous layers of extremely dense, Kevlar-like material that offer the same amount of protection as traditional hard armor products without adding to the weight or bulk.


A key component of Level 4 ICW body armor

is its ability to provide the same level of protection to the user whether he or she is wearing a full body protective suit or if he or she is only wearing light, often disposable, clothing. This feature provides for an extremely versatile method of application, making it an ideal option for both police officers and military personnel who must wear a variety of protective clothing, but who are required to move around while doing their daily duties. The lightweight nature of this type of ICW body armor also makes it ideal for everyday life, because even when the wearer is not wearing a full protective suit, the lightweight flexible material of the armor will keep him or her safe and sound.


Another myth that needs to be exploded

is that since the material used to make level 4 ICW body armor is so lightweight, it cannot effectively prevent serious injury. The truth is that the flexible nature of the material makes it capable of providing multiple layers of protection, each providing a different level of deterrence. For example, the flexible outer layer can block shots from handguns, at the same time as offering a secondary defense against other types of injury. Likewise, the flexible inner layer can protect the user against impacts to the user’s limbs or head. Finally, the flexible layer can be retracted back into the armor belt if need be, thereby reducing the number of times the individual has to put on and take off the armor. All told, the flexible nature of the armor offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of protecting the user in a number of different ways, rather than simply relying on one or two types of protection.


The ability to quickly and easily adjust to

a variety of environments makes Level 4 ICW body armor a true threat to those who participate in extreme sporting events, such as skydiving, mountain climbing or any other kind of sports where a sudden, unanticipated drop can cause unimaginable damage. Furthermore, the armor has the added benefit of helping to keep a person more comfortable while engaging in the sports. For instance, during a high-intensity endurance competition, there is a great deal of physical strain placed on the body, which can be reduced with a properly fitted Level 4 ICW body armor. As such, the armor can make the participant feel more comfortable and less exhausted after participating in a rigorous sports activity. Therefore, Level 4 ICW body armor is truly a useful product for sports enthusiasts.



this type of protective equipment offers another important benefit that may not be thought to be relevant. That is, the armor can also be worn by people who are concerned about the safety of themselves and their loved ones in case of an accident. By wearing ICW body armor, these individuals can reduce the threat of serious injury to family members. For instance, even though a person who is not engaged in aggressive sports will likely feel some pain from a blow to the abdomen or back, it will be much more dangerous to the individual if he or she were to suffer an injury to the spinal cord or the neck. Therefore, proper ICW body armor can allow a person to participate in sports without necessarily fearing for his or her life.

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