How Hotels Are Using Technology For Competitive Advantage

hotels are going online

It seems that hotels have embraced technology at a more rapid pace than many other industries. As a result, more hotels are going online. The internet has allowed hotels to provide more services and to compete more intensely with other hotels for customers. Not only have hotels used the internet to grow their customer base, but to also create more opportunities for future growth.


websites marketing

Most hotels will use their websites to market their properties, and the majority of these will not be sites designed for entertainment or for gathering visitors. These are sites designed to collect information about the hotel’s business and for gathering guests. These hotels will use internet marketing software to reach their clientele, and they will use e-mail marketing software to provide guest information about hotel amenities and to reply to requests from guests.


creating travel-themed websites

Another way that hotels use the internet is by creating travel-themed websites. Travel websites are very popular amongst travelers. Travel websites are designed to offer information about the hotels, the surrounding area, and the various types of travel available. Travel websites are also used to promote special offers, discount codes, and the ability to save money. Many times, the hotels will also use social media to promote special deals and the websites themselves. For example, a popular hotel may use Facebook and Twitter to share special promotions or news about discounts.


email marketing programs

In addition to these hotel websites, most hotels will use email marketing programs. These email programs will be used to send out periodic newsletters regarding events, special discounts, or any specials the hotel may be having. These newsletters will generally be sent out to all of the registered guests on the hotel’s list and will also be sent to anyone else who has asked to receive one.


marketing software programs

Some hotels will also take advantage of internet marketing software programs. These programs are designed to help the hotel manage its website and manage its content. The software will typically provide all of the tools that are needed to manage the website, including things like purchasing options, room descriptions, and room availability options. Internet marketing software can make it easier for you like the hotel manager to stay current with what is going on at your hotel and to make sure that your customers are always aware of any promotional or special offerings the hotel might be having.


competitive advantage

As you can see, there are many ways that how hotels are using technology for competitive advantage is happening right now. Many hotels are turning to technology to increase their profits. As more hotels try to stay up to date with the latest technology and trends, the competition will only increase. As more hotels try to stay competitive, the only way that will happen is to lower their prices and do everything they can to get customers in the front door. As more customers come into the hotel, they will start building a better reputation and start to make more money.

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