How Green Energy Works – Top 3 Ways to Make Renewable Energy Efficient

Learning how Green Energy works is not as difficult as one might think. It’s not a question of theory, but rather a real-life application that can be done anywhere. The first step is to understand the three major sources of Green Energy. These are Solar, Wind, and Geothermal. Each of these sources of Green Energy has its own limitations.


The Sun is our only source of clean and free energy

The Sun is the most abundant source of energy and is responsible for the planet keeping it cool. The surface of the Sun is surrounded by an invisible magnetic field that protects the electrons from heating up too much and keeps the temperature constant. The Sun is our only source of clean, free energy, and will always remain so.



Windmill to generate electricity

The second most plentiful form of Green Energy is the wind. Unlike the Sun, the force of the wind is actually kinetic energy, which it takes advantage of because the wind is always blowing. A wind turbine is used to convert wind power into usable energy. If you live in a place that has lots of wind, then you can use a Windmill to generate electricity.



The third resource is Water. Water plays an essential role in the Earth’s economy. Without it, we would not be able to produce food, fuel, and other things we need to survive. Many people believe that the Sun and the wind will eventually run out and that there will be nothing we can do, but harness the power of Water.


Solar power works best in areas with either an abundance of sunlight or a high wind speed

It can also be used to heat buildings or to produce hot water. With Solar energy, you do have to worry about the panels taking damage, but the power they produce is almost endless. The only drawback is that the panels have to be located somewhere where they receive direct sunlight for the longest period of time. The water heaters work similarly, except that there is no sunlight requirement.


These are three of the most important resources. There are many more sources, including the ocean’s natural currents, geothermal resources, nuclear energy, and fossil fuels. It is up to us to find ways to make these renewable energy resources more affordable, reliable, and abundant. If we do not, the future of the world we live in could be one full of wrecked aircraft, and starving countries. The good news is that by using renewable energy, we can help bring a much-needed sense of balance to our planet.

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