how do you find your gas meter?

Three Ways of Reading a Gas Meter

If you have recently invested in a gas meter then you will probably want to know how to read a gas meter. Knowing how to read a gas meter is very important for several reasons. Firstly, you must know how to find your gas meter in the first place because if you don’t then you could potentially be wasting energy. In addition to wasting energy, this would also lead to a faulty meter as well as possibly making matters worse than they already are. So how do you find your gas meter?


First of all, you should find it to read a gas meter.

Gas meters are typically plastic cases with an analog or digital display. However there are in fact, just four main kinds of the gas meter to choose from. These are dial meters, manual meters, digital meters, and prepaid meters.


Dial meters work by counting the number of gallons

used over a specified period of time. This means that every time you use gas, the meter will be registering a different number which is your usage measurement. You can therefore use this to determine how much energy you are using and whether you are on the right track towards meeting your energy efficiency targets.


While reading a gas meter with dials is fairly simple

getting good quality readings can be a little more difficult. Usually, you are better off getting readings from digital dials as the numbers on these dials change constantly. Digital dials can be calibrated and come with a range of different readings which can give you greater freedom when you are deciding which readings to use. Most digital dials also allow you to set a limit so that you only get accurate measurements under a defined limit.


Manual gas meters work

by reading the amount of natural gas that passes through a series of small holes. You set the level that the gas passes through using a knob. Reading a manual dial is more convenient than using digital dials. However, some people may find this a little more difficult than it really needs to be. If this is the case then you may prefer to get a lower number than the meter shows you, instead of a zero.


A third option is to get a prepaid meter.

This is an excellent choice if you find yourself regularly using gas. By buying your meter online you will usually find that your energy supplier provides you with a meter at no extra charge, although they may ask you for a copy of your bill before they give you a meter. You can then input the data that you wish to receive into your meter and the meter will tell you how much gas you have used and how much energy you have saved. Most suppliers also feature an online account facility that allows you to view and track your usage. If you are unsure whether you are using too much gas, you can use the online account facility to check.

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