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Hotel Tech Report is the leading global research network for hotel technology, with the help of literally hundreds of thousands of hoteliers and institutional investors researching technology-related products for their hotels. The website helps hotel owners save time by quickly identifying the most promising technologies for their hotels by comparing vendors based on independent customer reviews, saving them time in the process. Hotel Tech Report has also made it easy to find your favorite vendors and track progress over time, with ratings and news blurbs that are not biased. In fact, Hotel Tech Report is completely impartial; they don’t have a particular brand or product. They are just looking to provide insights from real consumers on hotel technologies to help you make better buying decisions.


During our latest visit

we were impressed with how Hotel Tech Report categorizes and grades vendors. While the core segment is fairly standard, four distinct segments differentiate the vendors that get a score of five stars from the ones that don’t. First off, tech experts are drawn from a pool of applicants who have successfully passed all the show’s previous episodes. If you have already passed the first round, then you automatically qualify for an interview. The interview is then narrowed down to ten people, giving you the chance to hear directly from the experts themselves about the specific facets of their hotels and tech systems.


At the end of the episode

the Expert witnesses give their own reviews, demonstrating what improvements could be made to the hotel or tech system, how they would use the technology if they had the money, and what aspects of the past experiences they are most negative about. The guests of Hotel Tech Report then have the opportunity to submit their comments, which will be included in the final episode. As you might expect, most guests are complimentary about the experience, although some guests still have issues with the setup or process (such as being taken to a physical location vs. a virtual location). If you have questions about how the process works, the guests of Hotel Tech Report can usually be reached via email, phone, live chat, and phone.


The episode ends

with the release of Hotel Tech Report’s second annual State of the Industry report, which highlights the advancements made by the hotels and tech industry from last year. This year’s report has many more recommendations than the original, addressing several areas including guest satisfaction and service, innovation and creation, hospitality design and function, technology management and integration, and workspace and employee productivity. The second annual State of the Industry report also includes recommendations on improving the overall guest experience and service, improving staffing levels, and creating an environment that will be inviting and helpful to the entire guest population. For the third consecutive year, Hotel Tech Report has partnered with Microsoft to host an event in New York that will serve as the ultimate event in showcasing hospitality and tech together.


Hotels, tech companies, guest leaders, and the hotel industry

will all benefit from the event. Guests at the event include Hotel Tech Report’s chief evangelist, Kari Heistad; Hilton Worldwide’s Chief Technology Officer, Amy Parsons; executives from other premier hotels such as Sheraton, Radisson, and Aloft; and special guests from Cisco, Salesforce, Apple, and others. The chainmail Sharma is one part of Hotel Tech Report’s “Tech on Tap” promotional campaign, which uses traditional Indian street foods to demonstrate how a particular technological element could benefit the guest. Guests will also enjoy demonstrations by local tech startups and events featuring cutting-edge speakers and musicians. The event will conclude with a Q&A session with experts from the hospitality industry and other guests.


The program was created

to coincide with the second annual convention of the IFA, which is an industry organization dedicated to the growth of the hospitality industry. This year’s convention featured conversations between executives from the world’s top hotels, conference organizers, and tech companies. At the end of the event, the top three trends going into the next five years were improved guest satisfaction and greater access to high-tech amenities, such as artificial intelligence, smartphones, and internet-based scheduling software. According to one participant, trends like these may provide enough momentum to create lines of hotels equipped with cutting-edge technology to serve guests twenty years from now. Additionally, hotels may see exponential growth in the number of guests they can accommodate given current and future trends. The importance of meeting guest needs in this day and age cannot be overstated, as more people are relying on online services for everything from bookings and travel to purchasing tickets and finding restaurants.

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