Feeding Dogs a Nutritious Vegetarian Dog Food

dog owners treat their dogs as though they were a member of the family

Most of us treat our families members like this, but not with our pets. Even with their lovable nature, pets can be stubborn. You will have to put up with many disappointments if you want to maintain your dog’s health and high quality of life. If you do nothing, over time, you will see your dog getting sicker. It is important that you become aware of what is going into his body and learn about dog nutrition.

Dogs are Omnivores and require protein, fats, and carbohydrates for daily health. Luckily there are many types of dog food available on the market. Ideally, it should also contain some proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Unfortunately, most of the commercially available dog foods are too high in fat and sugar to be of help to dogs on a daily basis.

Dry Dog Food A good way to feed your dog

A quality diet is to use a dry dog food that uses real meat for its ingredients. Some of the better brands will use low-fat meat and even poultry, like wild chicken or lamb. Many dry dog foods will also provide the right amount of fiber and other minerals your dog needs. These are good options because unlike canned food, which may have a lot of by-products and other fillers, dry food will always have the meat or animal components that your dog needs.

Canned Foods often use inferior meat and will often lack the essential nutrients your dog needs. Many of the preservatives used in canned foods are harmful to dogs. In addition, many commercial foods are filled with chemicals, which can be harmful to your dog. Even if your dog eats canned food, he probably won’t get as many nutrients as if he had been eating a dry diet.

Also try Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food Another good way to feed your dog a homemade, nutritional diet is to make your dog’s meals at home. By choosing your own dog food, you control what ingredients go into his meal and you ensure that he gets all of the nutrients he needs. Many commercial dog foods use chemicals and additives that aren’t healthy for dogs and are definitely not good for them. Instead, look for dog food recipes that contain raw, wholesome ingredients. Many such recipes will use lean beef, chicken or fish as the main ingredients.

Vegetarian Dog Food Although many dog owners would think twice about feeding dogs a vegetarian diet, there are some benefits to consider here as well. First, vegetarian dog food is usually much cheaper than other types. Second, many dog owners are now switching their pets to vegetarian diets for health reasons. Finally, some vegetarian foods can actually be beneficial to your dog’s health. These are just a few of the many reasons why more pet owners are choosing vegetarian dog food over traditional commercial brand food.

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