Dental Office Team Protocols Will Helps Maintain Practice Efficiency

dental office

A good dental office has a good team working with each other to ensure it all runs smoothly. An efficient dental team of dental assistants, dentists, dental hygienist, dental technicians and laboratory technicians keeps the office running smoothly and that the patients satisfied. Working together as a team makes for one of the best experiences you can have in your dental care career.

Dental Office

One key element to any dental office is the relationships with the patients. It is very important that you have a relationship with every patient no matter what his or her problem is. If a dentist opens up an account with the local bank and treats all of their patients like family, then how will they be able to provide good quality care to the new patient? The dental offices should always treat the patients as if they were a new patient. Give them extra attention when you first see them and make sure you ask them as many questions as you need to. Even if they have done this in the past, it doesn’t mean that they will remember.

In addition to having great relationships with every patient, the dental team protocols must be followed. The procedures and tools used for each patient should be in accordance with the patient’s dental history. The dental team protocols will also tell you what to do when there are problems such as gum disease or cavities. There should be a written protocol for every patient, not just the one for the most common problem that occurs every once in a while. This will protect you against being sued for malpractice by the insurance companies.


The dental office should be a place where the team members feel comfortable. There should not be people walking around looking at things. Everyone in the office should get the same respect and make sure that they respect each other. The relationships between the team members will make the office successful.

The practice owner has ultimate authority over the day to day operations of the practice. If you are the practice owner, then you have ultimate authority over the dental office. You should get a hold of a good dental office manager to help you keep on top of all the necessary information. A good manager can contact the doctors and even order the X-rays for you. They can even let the patients know when something is wrong with their teeth or mouth.


The protocols that the dental offices follow are extremely important. It will tell you how well the doctors are communicating with the patients. It will also tell you how well the offices are organized. If the offices are not well organized then you will notice that patient files are not properly maintained or appointments are not made correctly. These are things that you have to keep in mind when running a dental offices.

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