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It is Winning Wednesday – favorite day of the year and now provided with tickets to favourite artist Nicola Fletcher from Business Utilities UK winning a special exhibition prize in her debut solo show at the London venue The Forum. Ms. Nicola has a very distinctive voice and she sings with great style and finesse which has earned her numerous awards including the Mercury Prize and an OBE for her contribution to British music. She has also been short-listed for a place in the Tooting of the Year, so is a real contender for this amazing achievement.

As usual, the energy regulator Ofgem has given the go-ahead for rate changes. It is interesting to compare Business Utilities’ tariffs when it comes to solar tariffs. One tariff may offer a low price for solar panels but as soon as you compare Business Utilities rates for solar cells, then the price difference could become huge. So make sure you compare every aspect of energy tariffs including installation costs to get a fair comparison. The fact is that the “green” sector in the UK is still relatively young and there is plenty of scope for growth in the coming years.

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A smart meter system allows households and small businesses to generate their own electricity using the sun or a wind turbine. Business Utilities UK offers both systems as a service, so you are able to get a complete home and business solution from one company. The installer is responsible for connecting the energy assets to the mains supply and receives an estimated value for the fuel the system uses. Business Utilities UK is now expanding the service further and currently offers a combined green energy tariff and a new gas and electricity tariffs for customers who already have these services.

Business Utilities offers a range of energy tariffs which are based on how much energy you need from your renewable energy resources. The average household can easily pay the monthly bill with a fair combination of different tariff options and a savings account. In order to take full advantage of the climate change and environmental concerns which are driving renewable energy in the UK, you should consider a Business Utilities UK renewable energy deal.

Business Utilities

Business Utilities will provide advice and a policy on energy efficiency to help businesses and families make the most of their renewable energy assets. The first step towards using sustainable energy resources is developing an energy efficiency plan. This will be based on the measurement of energy consumption, known as an energy usage rating, from the point of view of the carbon footprint. With this information you can work with your business electricity suppliers to find the right option for your organisation. Business Utilities will often include advice on reducing energy bills and offering green certificates.

Business Utilities provides all the essential services for businesses and individuals such as the introduction and use of alternative energy sources, which includes green energy, independent power, stand-alone heat pumps and low voltage cabling. They also offer a full range of commercial and industrial products which aid in reducing the operating costs of businesses. In addition to these services, they also offer the installation of all modern technology in the areas of heating and cooling, security and ventilation, water heaters and boilers, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. Avantigas also provides installation and integration services for Avant Gas appliances and Avant Solar panels. Avantigas has branches in Leicestershire, Nottingham, Peterborough, York and Birmingham. For more information on Avantigas Energy Brokers visit their website at anytime.

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