Advantages Of A Half-Hourly Meters

Half-Hourly Meters is a great solution to the ever-growing need for time tracking in business. It is more cost-effective than paper timecards, and it allows you to easily assess your usage of a service during your working hours. A time and sales report can be mailed directly to you, or you can keep a record of your consumption data in Salesforce. For most businesses, being able to quickly identify areas for improvement is a great motivating factor. Implementing a time tracking system into your business can help you make better use of your staff and increase profitability. Here are the main benefits of using half-hourly meters to track sales productivity:


Do I Need A Half Hourly Meter?


* Reduce Energy Consumption – Because half-hourly meters use a special hour by minute tracking mechanism, they don’t automatically detect large changes in consumption. As an example, a sudden increase in lunch-break usage may not show up on your last report. By tracking your data over the course of an entire working day, you can identify very subtle changes that only become apparent over time. This means that your energy usage from day-to-day tasks can be significantly reduced. If implemented properly, half-hourly meters can significantly reduce your annual energy bill by up to 40%.

* Improve Customer Service – Many businesses suffer from a lack of customer-service support and poor inventory management. By monitoring your electrical usage in bulk, you can identify where your customers are having problems and improve your inventory management process. If your electricity meter reaches its maximum daily limit, you can also notify your supplier so that they can compensate for the loss before the end of the billing period. Another important benefit of using half-hourly meters is that if your supplier detects an excessive amount of usage, they may contact you or your customer directly to ensure that usage is being closely monitored.

* Reduce Loss Due To Faulty Or Non-Recordable Power Loads – One of the main reasons that half-hourly meters have been introduced in commercial premises is to help prevent the loss of revenue due to expensive power feed-ins. Power failure occurs frequently at commercial sites, especially in the summer months, when the demand for power is exceptionally high. Many power feed-ins fail as a result of poor installation or old-fashioned design, both of which can result in large bills. By using a half-hourly meter to monitor power loads in your business, you can easily see what percentage of your power consumption is caused by these feed-ins, and consequently what changes need to be made to the existing equipment or installation process.


How Much Will I Pay On A Half Hourly Electricity Meter?


* Reduce Your Energy Consumption In The Long Term – If you use half-hourly meters regularly to track your energy consumption, you will know exactly how much energy your business is consuming. This means that you can take immediate action to reduce your consumption in the future, should you find that you are consuming too much energy or unnecessarily. For example, if your energy consumption continues to rise for some months, it may be time to upgrade your equipment, install new insulation, or conduct an energy audit of your entire building.

* Help You Save Money – Many businesses invest a large amount of their money on utilities, and these utilities consume large amounts of electricity. If the amount of power consumed by your business continues to rise, it can seriously affect your business finances. By monitoring your power load with half-hourly meters, you can quickly identify areas where you may be losing money. By making small changes to your power consumption, you can significantly reduce your utility bill. In addition, many businesses have begun to implement solar power systems so that they can save money on their monthly electricity bills as well.

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